Wrap It Up To Lift It Up!


If there is an accessory every powerlifter would adore, then that would be a wrist wrap undoubtedly. These are the best accomplice during a squat or bench press providing strength and protecting the wrists from injury. Wrist wraps help the power lifters both during competitions and training sessions. They are also legally approved by all powerlifting federations all around the world. The Manimal Wrist wraps are an absolute rage among the power lifters. click here for more details about this excellent product. The web page mayoclinic.org explicitly insists on using wrist wraps by power lifters to avoid injuries to the wrist.

Why wrap it?

Wrist wraps provide a lot of benefits to the power lifter. It ameliorates the joint positioning of wrists by averting hyperextension. It provides strength to the hands and wrists; thereby the lifter would get a good grip on the bar and enhances the tension on the bar. Also, during the wide grip bench press and low bar back swat, using a wrist wrap would make the whole process more comfortable. The wrist joint is comparatively small in size and easily vulnerable. Wrist wrap provides the necessary support to the wrists during heavy weight power lifting.

How to wrap it

Before proceeding to use the wrist wrap, it is necessary to learn how to wear it. If worn wrong, it can cause more harm to the wrists. Most people go wrong in this and wear the wrist wraps wrongly. It results in unnecessary discomfort and pain which can be easily converted to strength and comfort if worn the right way.

First, the wrap has to be kept to the back of your wrist and then the thumb has to be looped through the loop of the wrist wrap. Then, if you are doing squats, the wrap has to be pulled to make it in circle form across the wrists. It can be stretched across the butt of your hand in case you are doing presses.

Then the wrap has to be pulled down and across in a diagonal manner across the forearm. Then the wrap should be pulled up diagonally across the wrist. Then the rest portion of the wrap can be pulled across in the shape of a circle. Finally, lock the Velcro.

This method of wrapping in the form of X will give more strength than simply wrapping around in the form of circles.

How to select the right wrap

When choosing wrist wraps, always check the length, stiffness and thumb loop position of the wrap. Wraps are available in short lengths (12 to 20 inches) and also long lengths (18 to 24 inches). When wrist flexibility is the main criteria, like in the cases of Olympic lifting or assistance works, then shorter length wraps are recommended. But for heavy lifting purposes, where the wrist needs to be tightly secured with no movement at all, and then long wraps are the best option. The wrap stiffness can also vary. It can be stretchy or stiff. As the name itself denotes, stretchy wraps are more flexible allowing some movement while stiff wraps are stiff and don’t let the wrist move. The thumb loop decides the position of wrap while wrapping it around.

The loops are usually sewn to the corners so that it is easy to wear the wrap and also remove it after use. But some wraps have the loop sewn along the length of the wrap. Thus both ends of the loop are attached to the wrap. This holds the wrap tighter to the wrist. The only problem is that it would be difficult to remove after use. This can be an issue as most of the powerlifting federations ask the lifters to remove loop before lifting.

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