Choosing A Perfect Climbing Shoe For A Climber

Climbing Shoe

Most people find it hard to buy a suitable climbing shoe that offers a perfect fit for climbers. This is because the climbing shoes are intended to support your foot. Certain factors influence the choice of a perfect climbing shoe. Sizing a climbing shoe is required for the perfect fit of the shoe. The experience of climbers in using a technical climbing shoe has been shared at to help out fellow climbers. The article below explains in detail the various factors which influence to buy a perfect climbing shoe.

Perfect Fit
Beginners often prefer a climbing shoe with a comfortable fit. It makes it easy for the climbers to use it for the whole day. Experienced climbers prefer to use a climbing shoe with a tighter fit.

Material Decides The Stretch
Leather uppers stretch the most mostly up to one full size. This material is suitable for a performance fit. Lined leather shoes stretch for about half size. It offers a more consistent grip. Climbing shoes of synthetic materials do not stretch more.

Shape Determines Performance
The performance of a climbing shoe greatly depends on the profile of the shoe you choose. If you are a climber who climbs in a multi-pitch route, then you can go for a flat shoe with a flat profile. A curved shoe helps to direct your weight and force towards the toe and the shoe edges. Climbers perform better on steep or overhanging sections of climb, with a hooked shape shoe with a distinct asymmetry

Various Degrees Of Stiffness
Beginners use shoes that are stiffer. A stiff shoe is suitable for long outdoor routes. It offers a good support to your feet and prevents fatigue. It is difficult for a climber who wears a stiff shoe to grab or hook with your feet when you’re climbing on a steep rock. Soft climber shoes are suitable for experienced climbers who have developed good foot strength. Soft shoes are appropriate for long routes with heavy luggage.

Types Of Closures
There are two types of closures in climbing shoes used by the climbers. Climbers choose any one of the closure type based on their comfort and need.

· Lace-Up Shoes
This kind of closure is used by a majority of climbers for their climbing shoes. It offers a perfect fit for the climbers. It can be worn loose or tight depending upon the comfort of the climber.
· Velcro Closure
This type of closure is convenient for wearing and removing the shoe. Velcro is used during sports climbing and bouldering. Climbers feel comfortable to use velcro closure. Climbers prefer to use them while climbing on the rock.

Choice Of The Rubber
Climbing shoes are made up of rubber which makes it durable and resistant. A harder rubber is mostly used as it withstands for extended years. Softer rubber is less durable than harder rubber. It is best to combine both hard and soft rubbers in your climbing shoes for better performance.

Woman Climbing Shoes
Climbing shoes are customized for women as they have narrow feet compared to men. Check whether the shoe touches your ankle bone and the back of your heel before finalizing on the shoes.

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